Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Mario Badescu Drying Mask and Buffering Lotion

I bought these skin care products a couple of moths ago now after reading great reviews. I bought both of these products from Beauty Bay for £15.50 each.

The Drying mask supposedly promotes healing of acne eruptions, controls oily build up and clogging, soothes irritated and broken out skin. Well first off this mask absolutely STINKS oh my its horrendous! Apart from the smell I quite like the product, the texture is like cold wet mud and as it dries to goes very tight and made my skin quite itchy. You leave the mask on for about 20 mins and then rinse off pretty straight forward. This mask will dry your skin the hell out and so I tend to only use it if I am having bad acne break outs. It isn't a miracle cure but it does help to dry spots out. 

The buffering solution is a very watery product that you have to shake before use it states that it shrinks large, cystic pimples and reduces cystic acne quickly. I have had limited success with this product, again it will dry out spots somewhat but I can't really notice any major effect.

I did like using both of these products and I would try others from this brand- however I did not notice any drastic difference to my skin, but others may have more success as my acne is usually hormone related, so for those with acne due to oily skin may have a better results.

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