Sunday, 24 January 2016

Body Shop Green Tea Product Review

I have been wanting the some of the Body Shop Green Tea range ever since I first smelt the Eau De Cologne about a month ago. A fresh mix of herby green tea, mint and lemon I am just so in love with the scent.

I have now had these products for a week, along with the shower gel and exfoliating soap of which are sitting in the shower now. 

The cologne is long lasting and I have had a number of compliments on the smell. The body butter is slightly less thick than some other Body Shop creams that I have which I prefer. The shower gel has already become a favourite and I am using it every time I have a shower now. The exfoliating soap is my least favoured of the products, I find that it is a bit harsh on the skin, but like the other products it smells amazing.

I will be buying these products again.

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