Thursday, 25 February 2016

Burberry Nude Radiance Fresh Glow Review Swatches

I was really Excited to use this Burberry 'luminous fluid base' as my skin can look a bit dull especially at this time on year. It is supposed to be used under your foundation or as a highlighter. I got the lightest shade that they offer and it looks great in the bottle (and that bottle ♥)

Below are pictures of one pump on the back of my hand, once rubbed in it has a slight shimmery look. When I used this on my face under my foundation however I could see no real difference at all! As a highlighter it was just not strong enough to really give any real effect so overall I must say I was pretty disappointed. So at the price of £34.00 I can safely say I will not be buying again (but it sure looks good on my battle station)

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