Monday, 8 February 2016

The Balm Liquid Lipstick Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Adoring Merlot and Chivalrous

I bought these The Balm Liquid Lipsticks after hearing from a friend that they were pretty good and to help fulfil the need for the Kat Von D equivalents.

I bought these from Superdrug for £15.49 each, however I have found out that you can get these from Debenhams for £13.50 GRR.

The liquid lipsticks smell strongly like mint and it really tingles your lips, which for me, a person who hates mint is not the best aspect- though I know many people would love it!

I picked two pretty bright colours and their pigmentation is fantastic! Both of the colours applied really well and I really like the look of them, however they were REALLY drying. As soon as the colours dried my lips kinda felt like sandpaper! Chivalrous pink however was much worse than Adoring Merlot.

Despite how dry they were and me constantly licking my lips their staying power was very impressive! Even when I did the swatches, I tried to remove them with my Garnier Micellar water and they were still very hard to remove and stained my hand!

Chivalrous Bright Pink and Adoring Merlot

Wet white light

Wet warm light

Dry white light

Dry warm light

My stained hand after scrubbing


  1. looks very interesting definitely wouldn't want drying out lips rather defeats object of using them

    1. Well they look amazing on if you don't get too up close and see your dry lips!